A Gourmet Dinner

Hello from Montreal – A Gourmet Dinner at Nuances Restaurant, Followed by Amazing Fireworks Č My personalized tour of the Casino de Montreal was very interesting and taught me many different things that I had never known about casino operations.ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี My learning experience was followed by an opportunity to sample the Casino’s hospitality first hand. Alexandre took me up to the top floor of the Casino and handed me over to Benoît, the restaurant manager at Nuances, the Casino’s gourmet restaurant.

I had a perfect table by the window with a beautiful view overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the downtown Montreal skyline. The sun was just starting to set and the entire scene was bathed in golden hues. Benoît even took me out on to a terrace on the top level of the Casino that offered a completely unobstructed 180 degree view of downtown Montreal and the entire island. The vista was absolutely stunning. The Casino de Montreal is definitely one of the best places to scenic view the city.

Nuances is a highly acclaimed fine dining restaurant that has been awarded the coveted CAA-AAA Five Diamond Rating. This 72-seat restaurant has a sophisticated atmosphere and a highly dedicated staff.หนังใหม่ชนโรง Once I got comfortable, Gérard, the waiter for my table, brought an “amuse-bouche”, a starter plate that featured frozen goat cheese on ice in a reduction of apple cider. This plate was accompanied by fresh berries and a salad of blueberries and strawberries.

Gérard explained that the mixture responsible for the goat cheese smell was blue goat’s milk that was left over from the day the cows were milked. The mixture is blended in a container for about an hour, until it reaches a consistency of soft crème. It is left to stand and slowly cooled. This slow cooling process gives the milk the appearance of “blue goat’s milk”, as it was collected from the goat itself.

Thin the mixture comes a clear container of lamb’s lettuce with a peeled fried beefsteak. Gérard explained that the beefsteak is a particularly tasty and tender- texture and is a real attraction for the locals and tourists.ดูavซับไทย The fried lamb’s lettuce is another very visual treat: cooked lamb’s lettuce is placed on a lettuce leaf and immersed into the container of boiling lamb’s fat for two to three minutes. The very cooked liquid is thenowell, which is removed as the lettuce is briefly dipped into the fat.

To prepare the lamb, the cleaned and donated lamb meat is mixed with barely cooked beef, pork and chicken stock. Gérard explained that the perfect lamb consists of the lean meat and the nice internal organs, which are the most tender parts of the animal. The very succulent and tender lamb is cut into small cubes and stored in an airtight container for eight days before it is served.

I tasted a glazed ham with apple cider and a salad of warm garden salad onions, and I ordered one of the two soups that were provided. I am not a fish eater, so I felt that these two soups were appropriate meals for me since I only have a short time to spend in this city.

From the Casino I am walking along Le Calvados and noticed a discount store right across from the Casino. I had a quick pizza,หีนักศึกษา taking my time over the delivery and walked a little further eastwards to the Rideau Canal. Halfway there, I saw a famous Ottawa trademark: the “FlowerMan”, a large flower covered van that offers flower shows and in various other shows.

The FlowerMan had driven on to the front of the Rideau Canal’s terrace area, made up of a section of the historic Rideau Canal, and was parked on the north side of the canal. A small crowd of onlookers were already sitting down and enjoying the spring evening. Just a few steps away from the canal front entrance, a mainly academic audience were enjoying the evening.

Gérard, my restaurant contact, indicated that I might have a question for one of the owners.

Javier, one of the co-owners, indicated that he would be willing to participate in my question, if it was indeed a serious request. He indicated that he has been a chef in Toronto and knows how important collaboration is from the perspective of the food that he puts together.

He explained that he has been part of the culinary team for different organizations over the years, but he has also had the opportunity to create his own foodie scene in Toronto.หลุดนักศึกษา He pointed out that he is always up for a good chat, a friendly dinner or a good caffé and that his staff are all personalizing their food with personal touch.

I saw that he was serious about his dedication to food and that he Dolphin’s had become part of his life.

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